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Welcome to TMswoodshop.   It was always a dream to have a small workshop as a hobby to help keep myself busy during the months when I was unable to work outdoors.   After working over 40 years,  I retired and built my dream shop.   It started out as a hobby and has now gone full circle and is a small business.   As you look though the pages I hope you enjoy  looking and hopefully ordering one of the many items I create.   I am constantly looking for new items and ideas to add to our list.   These last few months I have started making turkey and deer plaques.   I started machining pictures in wood and in plastic.  Being A Navy Veteran I am always looking for ways to honor our Service men and women.   I build personalized clocks with military emblems representing different branches of our Armed Services engraved on the front.   I just found a company where I can get 3D CNC programs of Naval Vessels.  If you have an idea for a project please call or email me.   I will be happy to talk and see if it is possible to do.   Veterans, you get a 15% discount on any item or piece you order.   Sportsmen,  look at the plaques;  I can custom make almost anything you need.    There is normally a 3 week turn around on any item ordered. It may take longer depending on what, how many and where you live.

Military Items - If you would like I could cut a picture of your loved one on wood or plastic along with their service emblem, flag with a little saying about them, such as years of service, rank and name.  This would honor them for many generations.  "Let us not forget!"  There is a picture on wood of my wife's father that was drawn by a German POW in 1945.  This picture will forever be cherished and preserved in wood by his family and friends.  Thank you Ernie, Veterens and all active Service Personnel for your service!

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One of my favorite woodworking sites (and stores) is Woodcraft here in Grand Rapids and Johnsons Workbench in Charlotte.  Check them out.  Also Check out my Friends website. They make beautiful and unique turkey and deer calls.

http://www.theworkbench.com         (Johnsons Lumber)



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